Affiliate Program

We provide one of the best paid affiliate commissions in the sex dolls industry. is one of the best and most trustworthy online stores for sex dolls. With numerous products and almost all best and most popular brands on the market to select, our customer base remains to be one of the most faithful and dynamic among the market. With a professional designers team, special care is given to every doll we sell. We offer best affiliate programs with devoted affiliate account management as well as assistance and support to ensure the highest level of success for all affiliates and partners.

Highlights of Our Programs:

Flexiblechoicesof two different Affiliate Programs depending on your preference.

2. Strong Conversion Rate (One of the highest EPCs in the sex dollsIndustry).

3. Prominentand extremely popular brands and products.

4. Free Shipping.

5. High Frequency Newsletters.

6. Hassle-free Returns.

7. Professional Devoted Affiliate Account Management.

8. Automatically pay-out each month via Share-a-sale or CJ platform.  

9. More importantly, we offer 10% – 20% commission on every order depends on your performance! 

10. Cookie length is now a month! 

11. Top 50 Share-A-Sale Power Rank Merchant!

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about our programs, please feel free to contact us.


You can select you favored program to join. Currently we provide 2 of the leading Affiliate networks: Share-a-sale and CJ.