How to Have Sex with a Sex Doll

Over the past decade, the sex doll industry has realized significant growth, going from producing affordable novelty items to creating high quality, realistic sex dolls. A realistic love doll delivers untamed sexual pleasure, offers a submissive companion, and can improve your sex life by helping you become a better lover.

Purchasing a love doll is a significant investment. Sophisticated high-end luxury love dolls are quite costly, typically running into the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. You may have bought one or are thinking of getting one. Knowing how to use is crucial if you seek to get the most out of it.

How It Feels to Have Sex with Sex Doll

Real Doll

This question is perhaps the most common in the minds of people looking to invest in a realistic sex doll. Advancements in modern sex doll technology have made it possible to create very accurate and lifelike representations of the female body. For the physical aspects of it, having sex with a love doll is similar to having real sex provided you take the recommended preparatory steps.

The skin made from thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and silicone is very close in texture to human skin. You would not be able to tell the difference between having sex with the doll and having it with a real woman if someone blindfolded you. Some users report that sex with the doll feels considerably better than actual sex with a real person. Modern high-end sex dolls look and feel natural.

How to Prepare Your Doll

People unfamiliar with sex dolls may not realize that many things go into using a love doll. There are numerous aspects when it comes to preparation and actual use. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use a realistic sex doll.

First things, first! Just as you would with a real partner, you have to take the right preparatory steps to have the best experience with a sex doll.

Warm Up Your Sex Doll

One of the main drawbacks of having sex with a love doll is that unlike a real woman, a sex doll does not generate heat. Penetrating a cold sex doll is one sure way to dampen up the experience. The good news is that there are ways around this problem.

Warming up your sex doll before having sex with it will ensure that you have an experience that is closer to reality. There are several options for warming up the love doll. You can use an electric blanket underneath it, a heater mattress, or even warm water.

Note that TPE and silicone are, to some degree, temperature-sensitive. Try to avoid high temperatures when warming up your doll as it can cause warping or cracking.

Sex with sex doll

Apply the Appropriate Lubricant

Lubricant is a vital part of your experience. It helps to prevent discomfort and injuries on your skin. Lubrication will allow you to enjoy penetrating the orifices of your sex doll. It is worth noting that two main types of lubricants are recommendable for use with love dolls. They include water-based lubricants and silicone lubricants.

The preferable types are water-based lubricants for several reasons. These lubricants are allergy-free, more hygienic, and make cleaning up easier as they do not spread all over. Some people are allergic to silicone. If this is the case, ensure that you read the labels on your lubricants thoroughly.

Always go for water-based lubricants if you are unsure just in case. Silicone lubricants are ideal for use with silicone sex dolls if you are not allergic.

Apply the lubricant sparingly to the orifice you want to penetrate. Avoid using too much as you will end up with a sticky love doll. You may want to add more lubricant during the session. Add a small amount of water instead of additional lubricant. The water will reactivate the lubricant you applied earlier.

How to Have Sex with Sex Doll

Vaginal Sex

Vaginal sex is the most common way that people use sex dolls. The fully functional vagina may be fixed or removable (same as the fleshlight or pocket vagina). If you have had sex with a real woman before then, the procedure is pretty much the same.

Position the love doll according to your preference and penetrate as you usually would. Sex dolls employ combined friction and pressure to afford you a fantastic feeling.

Another common query regarding sex with a sex doll is whether you can ejaculate inside the doll. The answer is yes. The producers of sex dolls design them with this in mind.

Anal Sex

Some people are into anal sex. It can be very pleasurable, provided you take the right measures for comfort. Modern sex dolls have specially designed anal orifices for this purpose.

Product engineers design the orifices to provide a realistic, tight, and intense anal experience. Ensure that you use lubricant when having anal sex with sex doll to avoid discomfort and injuries.

Oral Sex

Getting a blowjob from your sex doll is a possibility, albeit with some caveats. Fortunately, several aspects make oral sex with your doll better than oral sex with a real woman.

First, let us look at the caveats. Love dolls do not have naturally produced saliva that real women have. Also, the doll’s mouth lacks the warmth that creates a conducive environment and heightens the oral sex experience. As such, you will need to apply lube and warm up the sex doll for a more realistic experience.

Now, let us look at the oral sex benefits of a love doll. First, your sex doll will not get tired and will always consent to your blowjob request (they do not have much of choice here). This affords you access to unlimited blowjobs that last as long as you desire.

Secondly, if you take good care of your doll, you avert the risks associated with the bacteria present in the human mouth. Take extra care when having oral sex with sex doll since its oral cavity is susceptible to tear.

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