Male Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are basically a distinct form of sex toy that assumes the shape and size of a typical sexual partner for assisted masturbation. Male sex doll ( also known as gay sex doll, boy sex doll) is a doll that offers the hardness of a standard firm erection for a limitless amount of time without the challenges that come with a real sexual partner including mood swings, and nagging behavior.

These unique provisions are designed to suit both women as well as the gay community. These dolls resemble a real man in virtually all ways. From the torso to the face, the skin, eyes, hair, as well as an enormous penis, male dolls are designed to offer a seamless and effortless illusion of the experience as with an actual male partner.

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What Are the Differences Between A Male and Female Sex Doll?

Although sex dolls have been there for quite some time, male sex dolls for women are however somewhat new within the sex doll industry. Customarily, sex dolls have been ‘women’ meant to please and fulfil male fantasies. Nonetheless, with women getting more sex-positive, male love doll demand is continually increasing, and this explains why there are a load of different love doll options in the market.

Nonetheless, male dolls are becoming more and more realistic and afford you the pleasure of your unique out of the world fantasies.

So, what precisely distinguishes the male sex dolls from the female sex dolls?

Usually, most male love dolls feature ethereal features, strong pectoral muscles, well-developed abdominal cuts, as well as a detachable penis that is long and hard enough to fulfil all your needs.

Female and male adult dolls feature a metallic support frame that effectively supports their bodies. Essentially, these frames enable them to be exceptionally flexible. This way, they not only fit as perfect bedroom accessories, but they also fit as ideal models and mannequins as well.

Nonetheless, male and female love dolls differ in aspect of functionality and features, which dictates their use. Typically, male dolls feature a phallus while their female counterparts come with several orifices to facilitate penetrative sex.

Pros and Cons of Having a Male Sex Doll

If we check on Google or other related international news lets on this topic, there are numerous excerpts on how individuals are continually developing unique ties with realistic adult love dolls. In reality, these dolls can bring multiple benefits to both single women and men, not to mention couples.

So, exactly what benefits do male love dolls offer? Are there any disadvantages of using these love dolls? Let’s check it out.


  • Always Available: sex dolls are ready for you any day at any time (24/7). Ideally, it will never have any headaches, grow tired, or it doesn’t feel up to it! In essence, sex is ever guaranteed hence complete satisfaction.
  • Enhanced performance: male love dolls can be an excellent tool for practising on, especially if you have issues when it comes to satisfying your sexual partner. With these dolls, you can work on your thrust and pace, or try out every type of position without any worry of negative reactions, refusal, or rejection.
  • No strings attached: ideally, love dolls are ever ready for you devoid of any commitments which come with typical human interaction. Typically, you use the doll when you want and also put it away when you are done with it. Ideally, it is the purest type of sexual freedom.
  • No nagging: Making relationships function and work successfully is no easy task and hence one of the reasons why these sex dolls appeal to many. They never argue or complain. Put it; they exist for your total gratification.
  • Safety: while having an active sex life is fantastic, it, however, comes with its own set of challenges. Unless you use consistently use protection, you will always be prone to contracting sexually transmitted diseases or unplanned pregnancy. However, when it comes to male love dolls, such things become a farfetched narrative. These dolls are always safe, and better yet, you are guaranteed that you are their only exclusive partner.


  • Can inhibit natural connections, relationships, and real sexual life: male sex dolls provide an excellent alternative to individuals who may not be confident enough to engage in conversations with individuals of the opposite sex. Nonetheless, continued use can lead to total dependency on the doll and inhibit the formation of real relationships with real people.
  • Expensive: in essence, even with discounted prices and offers, male love dolls are still a luxury to many individuals across the world who cannot afford to purchase one themselves.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Male Sex Doll

Purchasing a sex doll is a matter worth significant consideration. Before selecting a male love doll, there are several factors you need to follow to avoid potential disappointment after purchasing. They include:


The overall male sex doll weight is crucial, and numerous buyers are usually surprised by how heavy it often is. Sex dolls are typically made of silicone or TPE material over a distinct metallic skeleton, a factor that renders them quite heavy.

What’s more, their weight generally corresponds to their overall height. This means that these products are as tall and heavy as a real person. A typical 5’4 tall doll can usually weight between 36-60kgs while relatively shorter versions such as a 3’3 can weigh between 16-36kgs.

When selecting your male sex doll, ensure that you go for a product that is convenient for you to move around and also one that you can comfortably lift regularly, or you will otherwise complicate and even ruin your experience. Generally, most doll owners prefer an average weight of approximately 65 lbs.


Height is also another factor worth consideration. Typically, the height of a standard sex doll goes along with its overall weight. However, the height also includes other factors.

Male sex doll height varies from mini-dolls to medium to full size realistic sex dolls. The relatively smaller dolls are quite easy to move around and also hide, although their distinct unrealistic sizes may compromise the overall experience.


Two primary quality materials are used in the manufacturing of male sex dolls, mainly silicone and TPE. Both materials boast different properties and textures, and you, therefore, need to be careful when choosing your male doll.

  • TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer): this is an extra stretchy material that feels superbly real. Male love dolls boasting TPE material feature softer skin in addition to body parts that jiggle much more naturally. Moreover, they are also easy to maintain and very durable while also being completely harmless.
  • Silicone: This is a much costlier and firmer material in comparison to TPE. Their high heat resistance allows them to clean much more quickly.

Dolls Skeletons

While it might be a little surprising at first for many individuals, the base of the stunning love doll we have all come to appreciate is not the soft and flexible material, but the sturdy metal skeleton within.

There are several metal skeletons available such as aluminium and steel and all feature movable and fixed joints. These mobile joints enable movements just like those of real individuals. However, they come with some limits to the mobility to prevent damage to the doll’s silicone/TPE material otherwise caused by overstretching.

Nonetheless, albeit these limits, these joints still facilitate the positioning of the dolls in multiple different positions and poses. Even so, there are numerous enhancements still being incorporated into the distinct skeleton frames including advanced pelvic torsion, fully-hinged neck joint, boosted shrugging (shoulder motion), not to mention enhanced overall range of movements.

Final Word

The stunning supermodel-like appeal of these most pragmatic love dolls renders them a favorite of both women and young girls alike. They are an ideal addition for any woman/girl looking to take their sensuality and sexual fantasies to a whole new level while playing with them without any concerns of embarrassment, guilt, or shame.

Sex dolls are a significant investment, and just like any other available investment, it is essential to be careful when buying your model. The importance is striking an ideal balance between performance and affordability to avoid being disappointed.

Simply ease yourself on the hard, long, warm manhood of the fantastic male sex doll of your choice and ideally experience the pleasures of being intimate with the man of your dreams!