Mini Sex Dolls

A mini sex doll is meant to keep as many benefits of their larger counterparts as possible while being convenient enough so that you won’t have to stress yourself out after using them. Typically, mini sex dolls are also known as tiny sex dolls and small sex dolls. While a human-sized doll has quite a few perks, sometimes you don’t want to go through the effort of cleaning them and finding enough space to store them. It’s no wonder that this type is becoming increasingly popular.

For an all-around versatile category, mini sex dolls are the best that you can get. Although they might seem underwhelming at first, once you get used to their lightweight and easy to handle body, you’ll hardly choose anything else.

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What Are Mini Sex Dolls?

A sex doll belongs to this category if its height is in the range of 100-125cm, and its weight is around 15kg. Usually, mini sex dolls average somewhere in the lower parts of approximately 105cm and 12kg. The most commonly used material for the sex dolls of this category is TPE, although silicone is also available as a more expensive alternative. One significant benefit is that manufacturers pay a lot more attention to the critical details due to the doll’s small size, whereas human-sized dolls have a lot of places which could be neglected. Not only does this make them more realistic, but also a lot more resistant to damage and everyday wear and tear.

Because they’re much easier and faster to produce, there’s an increasingly more extensive range of customizability for this category. You’d be hard-pressed to think of a specific model and be unable to find it since the mini sex dolls are so saturated. Even if this does happen, there’s still the possibility of ordering a custom-made one, although for a bit higher price.

Main Benefits of Mini Sex Dolls

  • Portable & Convenient

Instead of only being confined to the space you store them in, mini sex dolls give you the ability to carry them anywhere easily. Even if you’re going somewhere far away, it won’t present a problem due to dolls’ lightweight nature. You can keep them virtually anywhere in a room. From a suitcase to a closet without any space issues. Due to their flexible metal skeletons, their size can further be reduced by placing them in a specific pose. Having your tiny sex doll with you at all times doesn’t have to be hard or stressful.

  • Easy Maintenance

Since they have smaller dimensions, it’s no wonder that tiny sex dolls are also easier to clean up. Even though these dolls offer anal, vaginal and oral sex just like the life-sized ones, you won’t have to worry about maintenance. It is going to differ depending on if they’re made out of TPE or silicone, of course, but once you figure out the best routine, it’s quite straightforward. They usually come with their user manual to help you with proper care.

  • Decreased Chances of Injury

Due to their lightweight build of around 15kg, mini love dolls are much easier to handle and carry around. This is especially useful for those suffering from specific disabilities that prevent them from lifting heavy objects. Also, for people with slightly weaker builds who don’t feel comfortable with 30+ kg dolls, this is the best way to get an authentic experience without the added weight.

  • Affordable

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an experienced user – sometimes, you don’t want to break the bank to get a new doll. If that’s the case, a mini sex doll is as affordable as it can get, especially considering that they have almost every feature of their larger counterparts. They’re also an excellent way to try out new material because even if you don’t end up liking it, you haven’t wasted thousands of dollars.

  • Lots of Options

Mini sex dolls have arguably the most abundant catalog as far as variations are concerned. While most of the more prominent categories put a more significant focus on relatively straightforward and singular looks, this one has everything from anime-style dolls to real-life lookalikes. This is one of the reasons why they’re an excellent starting point, especially for beginners. You can try out many different things and maybe even discover some new fantasies which you didn’t realise you had.