Our Guarantee

We desire only the best for our customers and this include two sides: high-quality products and technique support.

As a high value product, we recognize that these are not just sex toys, but long-term investment. That’s why we provide a extensive guarantee which secures our customers only buying the very best quality sex doll.​


Having a suitable guarantee on a high-value product is very essential. The sex doll industry appears many dishonest suppliers who advertise premium quality dolls but ship a sub-quality or damaged product.

We try to ensure that there is total peace-of-mind and 100% satisfaction upon shipment of your doll, so we provide the thorough guarantee to all customers.


Whatever country you live in, you’re covered. Each of our valuable customers will receive exactly what is advertised on our website.

Once you’ve placed your order – our team begin the manufacturing of your doll. And for each product you buy, whether a sex doll or an accessory, you can rest assured that its delivery is in perfect condition.


Any difference found in you product must be reported to us within 24 hours after receiving your doll. Contact us, or email to find supports.

When reporting your problems, please ensure to tell us as many details as possible. Send images if possible.


It is extremely essential that you report any issues to our support team before using the doll because we are unable to change or refund any item which has been used by customers.

Moreover, we don’t cover the following conditions:

Skin imperfections – each doll is hand crafted, so there might be extremely small differences in the skin from one doll to another. These are totally normal and doll owners usually describe these as “characteristics” which offer their doll a distinct feeling. Even though any major issues are found throughout our quality control examination, if you find anything we may miss, please let us know.

Nails – as nails are loosely stuck to the skin to enable each customer to remove, repaint or re-attach, we cannot cover loose nails because they are shipped like this for that reason.

Make-up – each dolls’ make-up is added by hand. This indicates that very small discrepancies in make-up are completely normal. However, if you find a major problem, please let us know.

Eyelashes – each doll includes a protective eye mask because this is a delicate area. If anything comes to be loose, just re-attach it by using TPE safe glue.