160cm Pregnant Sex Doll TPE Life-Size Sex Doll — Christine



Perhaps on every night, you always feel empty and alone. When looking back on your life, and you remind the pass days. There are joys and tears. Do you refret for what you done? You may have had a baby if you didn’t make that choice. Now maybe it’s possible to get her back.

Just seven months ago, Christine discovered that her husband cheated on her. She decided to leave her husband instantly only to find that she was pregnant. But the child is innocent, so she decided to give birth to a baby. She is alone right now.

She needs a warm person to look after her and her baby. I know you are a gentleman. Can you take this job? Of course, she will also satisfy your needs in return. Do you dream about sleeping with a pregnant woman? I don’t think you want to miss her big ass and breast.

Hey, take her home right now. You will have a warm home which is full of love and happiness.


5 ft 2 in / 160 cm







Vaginal Depth


Oral Depth

4.7 in / 12cm

Anal Depth

5.5 in / 14 cm




160cm – 170cm


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