Realistic Sex Dolls

A realistic sex doll is a life-sized human doll that has structure, body size, and overall features that are realistic, convincing, and credible. Most of the toys are 5 to 6 feet tall, and depending on the details; they are quite pricy. If you are in search of the nearest feeling to human intimacy, a real sex doll model will fulfil your deepest desires.

These sex dolls let you try out vaginal, anal, and oral positions just like a human being. Real dolls are different from typical love dolls. Due to their lifelike anatomy, you can use accessories, role play outfits, and sex toys on them.

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Real-Life Benefits of Owning a Realistic Sex Doll

To begin with, the most apparent advantage is enhanced and wild sex life. Silicone sex dolls goes a long way in terms of naughtiness and pleasurable experiences behind closed doors. Have any positions or toys you’ve been willing to try out? Realistic sex dolls make it comfortable to go as wild as you want; no judgment or disappointments.

Next, these sensual silicone goddesses have the warmth and fleshiness like a real person. The plug-in/vaginal heater ensures the vagina stays warm, and the lube smoothens the whole process. With just a thousand to two-thousand dollars, you get yourself a lifelong companion that feels like a human when cuddled, touched, caressed, and penetrated.

Your sex wife or girlfriend requires low-maintenance and has no expectations. Dating and marriage are tricky when it comes to multiple dinner dates, rejection, freedom, commitment, and a lot of string attached. A realistic sex doll eliminates all the hassle and leaves you with all the fun. The dolls are always there to please you and do not nag or get jealous. You do not need extra expenses for dates and gifts. When you get home from work or had a rough day, the silicone beauty is there to ease your tension, no questions asked.

Enjoy risk-free sex day in day out with any real dolls of your choice. As its first owner, the doll comes as a virgin. Every touch and move you try with it will be the beginning, and you are guaranteed zero infections. Sex is enjoyable until you suffer the risks. Having this doll also saves you money when it comes to birth control and basic human needs.

These great real dolls are flexible and entirely submissive, a quality hard to find in the current generation. All a real doll does is sit and eagerly wait for you to go smooth or rough on it. You will never have any arguments or feel disrespected as the doll will never say no to you. Set all the rules in your sex life with the toy and be the master of your satisfaction. Go crazy and try any sexual position without disturbance and guilt – vaginal, oral, or anal.

For couples with partners who have different libido levels, the sex dolls perfectly balance varying sex drives between couples. Infidelity is a primary reason why most relationships and marriages come to saddening ends. Let the doll serve you or your lover whenever your sex drives don’t agree, which saves both of you shame and emotional pain. If your partner is not feeling a specific position or fantasy, a realistic sex doll is the best way to satisfy your sexual needs.

Your All-seasons Essential Buying Guide

Buying a sex doll is a decision that needs thought and further consideration. This basic buying guide touches on the main distinct factors to consider in the specific market. Realistic sex dolls come in many shapes, sizes, skin colors, etc.

– The Material

Realistic sex dolls come in two main types; silicone and TPE sex dolls (thermoplastic elastomer). This is for most dolls that are entry-level. More high-end sex dolls are usually made of platinum cured silicone. This makes the top-notch real dolls more human-like and robust as compared to other real life sex doll models. TPE sex dolls are more affordable but not as durable as silicone sex dolls.

Since TPE is a porous medium, it can take in water, lube, oils, and other fluids the sex doll may be in contact with. On the other hand, you will realize more practicality in movement with the TPE sex dolls. The breasts and butt move vigorously during sex, but you have to buy a new one annually or every other year.

Silicone is easier to clean and can withstand more extended heating periods. This is why most silicone dolls have an included heating unit system. Both materials share advantages like a sensual touch, articulated skeletons, lifelike skin, and sexiness.

– Personalization and Preference

When it comes to your pleasure, the concern is in the details. How kinky or soft you want to go highly depends on the physique and qualities of the dolls. Personal kink needs perfect body type, hair color, face, and so on. Most companies use the Face X feature to design the face of the doll. With a perfect skull, the real doll can have any face you prefer.

Depending on your budget, your love doll can have a specific body size and height. Nail color, outfits, and accessories are other personalization options for your sex doll. Gender ranges from shemale, female, male sex dolls. Moreover, body types include BBW, skinny, chubby, hourglass, athletic, curvy, busty, small, mini, custom bodies, and so on. There are no details too specific for a sex doll.

– Price of the Love Dolls

If you care about the quality of your sexual encounters, then the price is a significant influence. For approximately a thousand dollars, you can get a full-functioning sex doll. Nevertheless, such realistic sex dolls are often regarded as entry-level. It is challenging to find a new, untouched lifelike sex doll at less than $1000. The higher the price, the more superior the doll is.

Dolls going for $1000-2000 are still amazing and flexible, but less lifelike. However, if you are not planning to spend too much money on it, love dolls of this type are advisable.

Still, there are love dolls that cost over two thousand dollars. You can tell the difference between the material, realism, and sturdiness. Investing in a premium real doll means you will enjoy its services for long without needing a new one.

How Do You Have Sex with a Love Doll?

Masturbation has become monotonous, but your partner isn’t into exploring in bed – what do you do? Have sex with a submissive and flexible, realistic love doll. You will have to warm up your silicone beauty with the heating system. Alternatively, use a heating mattress before penetration.

The warming process is the first step in this adventurous encounter. You can watch some “videos” during this period to get you in the mood. The best way to bang your sex doll’s silicone brains out is when watching fetish “videos” of your choice. You can switch positions just like in the video. Also, your fantasies are unlimited. It could be the girl in the video, a special woman/man you can’t forget.

Don’t go easy on the lube. To make the sex doll experience feel as realistic as possible, lube is a necessity. Unlike humans, love dolls are not programmed to produce saliva or cum. After lubing up, enjoy countless blowjobs and positions. A woman needs time to catch her breath or swallow. Once you start it off with a love doll, you are the one to stop.

These real dolls will give improved and more releasing orgasms and satisfaction. As long as you safely and adequately warm the doll up, use lubrication of your preference, and let your sexy beast take over, you’re good to go.

Cleaning, Storing, and Maintain Your Doll

A sex doll needs to be maintained and taken care of for you to keep enjoying the benefits. If you have a doll, it is a sure bet that you are using it a lot and can’t stop. But most owners always wonder how to clean the real doll after sex, and how to store it. Doing this ideally means an increased lifespan, thus more sex for you.

So, how do you store your sex doll when your libido is low, and you do not need the services? Rule number one is to always cover the toy with a cloth/blanket, but not dark fabrics that may stain the skin. It is not advisable to hang your doll by its neck freely. This will make the doll’s neck weaken and deformed. Instead, have the feet touch the ground whenever your doll is stored in a vertical posture.

There are several hooks and chains to hang your sensual doll without destroying it. Another great idea is using your closet bar suspension to store your realistic sex doll. If closet space is lacking, consider purchasing an affordable hanging rack and cotton muslin dust bags. The main aim when storing your doll is to keep it from dust, fluids, and external factors.

When you maintain and store your doll the right way, you can go to work or keep busy knowing your doll is safe and waiting for you. Neglecting your love doll will only affect you the next time you need a sex release.

– Cleaning the Body

Firstly, never forget to clean your sex doll after use. After your doll comes in contact with saliva, sweat, or any other bodily fluids, it is a must to give it after-care. Use a warm shower or fill the tub with warm water. Maintain your doll in an upright posture (for a shower). Lightly lather soap and remember to keep your doll’s head above water (for a bath). The head should be cleaned separately from the body as it needs more attention.

After your sex goddess is all cleaned up, you have to dry it. For this, use a clean, dry towel and without using excess force, softly dry your doll off. Using heat from a blow dryer or heater will likely damage your precious doll. If you love some makeup on your doll, remove it by wiping it with a damp and soapy fabric.

For the hair and wigs, use a mild shampoo and always wash separately. Air dry to keep the hair from weakening. Apply some baby powder on your doll for freshness and smooth skin.

– Cleaning the Mouth, Vagina, and Anus

An enema bulb is a tool you might have used or come across. The vaginal irrigator thoroughly cleans the vagina, touching every nook and cranny. When the bulb is full of soapy water, you simply flush it into the vagina’s insides. This step should be done immediately after your erotic encounter. The first round of water should be cold to rinse out any other fluids. Next, use warm water and soap to spring-clean and sanitize your love doll’s vagina.

For most non-removable vaginas, a luffa on a stick works miracles for the insides. The luffa can get through the mouth, anus, and vagina without a struggle. If you do not have time to clean immediately after sex, or made mistakes of previously not cleaning your doll immediately after cumming, use this tool.

The luffa gently scrubs off any remaining fluids or persistent residue. Do not attach the luffa to metalcore as this will ruin the holes. Another excellent cleaning method is a handheld showerhead. Successively, your real sex doll deserves a thorough cleaning. A handheld showerhead has the advantage of placing the water directly against the penetrated holes. When you get the pressure just right, flushing the vagina, mouth, and anus will only take seconds.

Then again, you can use a squirt water bottle if you do not have an irrigator or better cleaning tool. Pick any sizeable water bottle with a fixed squirting mouthpiece. When you efficiently clean and store your real doll, your sex life will always stay wild and improved.