Robot Sex Dolls

Robot sex doll is a safe alternative to human beings when it comes to having sexual relationships. These are realistic sex robots that imitate human movements, so users feel they are having sex with a real person. Some of them are hyper-realistic. They have sensors that react to touch. In 2018, the first robot sex doll brothel opened in the Spain. Silicone models have been available in a sex doll brothel in Paris since 2018. Different colors, shapes, and lingerie are available based on customers’ preferences. Sex Robots are made with one of their purposes to create an emotional connection with the customers. A company is currently working on coming up with a head for a sex doll that will be able to smile, speak, and sing. A Chinese company has even created sex dolls that can wash your dishes and laugh at your jokes.

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What Are the Features of Robot Sex Dolls?

  • There’s no chance of getting robot sex dolls pregnant. Having children can have a high emotional and financial cost, especially if you aren’t planning to have one. This risk can be eliminated entirely by having sex with a sex doll instead of a human being.
  • Relatively cheap in the long run. While the initial investment on a sex doll can be relatively high, on the long-run, it is a money saver, especially, if you take into account how much each love-making session with a hooker costs, or the loss of going on dates and the use of condoms.
  • It’s better than cheating. If your spouse agrees that you can have sex with a robot sex doll, this won’t hurt her feelings as much as you cheated on her with another person.
  • Multiple positions. Some women don’t like some sexual positions. You can choose to use robot sex dolls at your convenience, whether it’s oral, vaginal, or anal sex to experience more happiness.
  • Fantasies. A sex doll will always be there at your disposal for sex-having purposes. Also, you can realize with it some of your wildest sexual dreams. Some sex dolls come with a non-consensus mode which allows the individual to “rape” those sex dolls.
  • Treatment of people with certain sexual problems. People who are pedophiles or sex offenders can transition their illegal activities into legal ones with sex dolls.
  • Possibility of having someone or something you feel attracted to. With so many colors, races, and dresses available in sex dolls, it is highly likely that you will find one that suits your preferences.

Dr. Ian Pearson predicts that by 2050, making love with robot sex dolls will be more common than making love between real human beings. Although there’s a risk of this happening, the emotional comfort and companion that sex dolls provide to people shouldn’t be underestimated in a world where feelings of loneliness are at an all-time high.