TPE Sex Dolls

One of the two main high-quality materials used for creating sex dolls, TPE – shortened for Thermoplastic Elastomer – has recently risen in popularity and for an excellent reason. TPE is a rubber and plastic blend, characterized by its extremely high elasticity and flexibility. It entered the industry reasonably recently, but TPE sex dolls quickly gained recognition as one of the most durable and high-quality while still managing to remain relatively affordable.

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Features of TPE Sex Dolls

  • Soft & Realistic

TPE perfectly replicates the smoothness and the texture of human skin. You’d have a hard time differentiating between the two. Besides, TPE can also represent different colors of the human skin.

  • Flexible

Due to its flexible nature, TPE can be stretched repeatedly, and it will always return to its original state. Its length can reach up to 5.5 times its original size when stretched. The realistic sex dolls easily tailor to different positions which allow for hassle-free handling.

  • Affordable

Because both rubber and plastic are cheap, it’s no surprise that TPE sex dolls are also quite affordable. The manufacturing process is very simple and straightforward, which means that each TPE sex doll is going to be very similar in durability.

Advantages of TPE Sex Dolls

People who are prone to allergic benefit significantly from these types of dolls since TPE is very hypoallergenic. The high heat resistance allows for easy implementation of heating mechanisms without fear of damage. Compared to silicone which is very sticky and thick, TPE is soft by nature, and you won’t have to use things such as baby powder to make it smoother.

If you’re getting your first doll, it’s going to be much easier to find one even if you’re low on budget. Their prices can go as low as $1000, which is laughable for how realistic TPE sex dolls look. They’re also highly customizable, so no matter which one you choose, you surely won’t make a mistake.