WM Dolls

WM Dolls is undoubtedly among the most popular real sex doll brands at present. The company is located in Guangzhou, and it specializes in manufacturing a variety of top quality and lifelike love dolls. If you are looking for a durable and flexible love doll, getting a WM doll is definitely the right choice. It is proven that these sex dolls are quite elastic and highly durable. You can have sex with them for hours in diverse positions. 

WM love dolls are made of special thermoplastic elastomer, also known as TPE, which gives them a rubbery feel, and you might be surprised, but it responds to your touch. WM dolls are realistic but ready to fulfill all of your sexual fantasies. So, it is high time that you should start playing with a realistic sex doll and mix things up. 

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More About WM Dolls

Sex dolls, which WM Dolls offers, come in different options, and all of them have great features. Some dolls have special wetness features on their vaginal and oral orifices to make the penetration more comfortable and more pleasant and thus, a better experience. In case you are a huge fan of oral sex, there are WM sex dolls that have a big wet tongue, and it makes oral love feel so realistic and enjoyable.

Most sex dolls of this company are based on various themes, and they are perfect for males who love role-playing. Men can find sexy soldier dolls, porn stars, athletes, or school girls. You may also find real sex dolls that are based on your fantasy like a monster doll or a vampire sex doll. You can get a realistic sex doll on WM Dolls from every nationality and choosing between short and tall dolls just depending on your preferences.

If there is something more specific you want, WM Dolls can build your dream sex doll. You can create a unique and personalized look and select most of your doll’s features. The manufacturer gives you many options on 3 skin colors, 15 hairstyles and 3 eye colors. Apparently, there is something for every taste. The greatest thing about this company is that they can make the breasts of your love doll softer by making it hollow with no extra cost. Standard breasts are usually filled with TPE in order to feel more firm. This brand allows the customer to choose from 36 types of head. Moreover, they let you add the amount of pubic hair as you like on dolls’ body. Some love dolls even have a heating feature, so they are absolutely worth your money.