YL Dolls

YL Dolls is a brand of sex dolls that is well-respected and has been in the market for many years. They specialize in TPE sex dolls mostly, but they have also gotten into silicone sex dolls in the last few months. Their most popular model is the 148 cm D cup. Recently, they launched a large nippled with a 157 cm measurement and the 168 cm supermodel.

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What Can YL Dolls Do?

YL sex dolls help with feelings of loneliness and anxiety. Given the flexibility of TPE dolls, you can place them in any position you desire. Their holes are realistic and should fit the size of most members. TPE is Thermoplastic Elastomer and its an innovative material when it comes to love doll production compared to silicone. TPE can be considered to be a mixture between plastic and rubber. One of its advantages is that it can be stretched many times, and it will always come back to its original form. TPE Dolls are flexible, the reason for which they can hold various positions.

TPE dolls are much cheaper than silicone love dolls. This is even when we take into account the fact that TPE makes the realistic dolls look more realistic than their silicone counterparts. Also, TPE can be recycled. Additionally, people will not develop allergic reactions when coming into contact with TPE dolls.

With the YL love doll, you can be sure that the dolls is made of high-quality materials. The dolls are not only extremely beautiful, but also they are built to last. With the proper care, the love dolls will remain in a good state as long as you want.

An interesting fact about this brand is that they share the factory with the recognized WM Dolls in the South of China. This means they have many convenient synergies between both brands. Clients can combine models depending on their taste. For example, a head of a YL Doll can fit the body of a WM Doll and vice versa. All of them are made in the same place and can be shipped together.