Main differences between high-class escorts and regular escorts

The phrase «high-class escorts vs. ordinary escorts» sounds like an intriguing adult film that no one has thought of making. But seriously, in this article, we will discuss the main differences between these two unique services that provide great pleasure.

What is an elite escort?

Elite Escort in Mallorca offers communication and sexual entertainment to wealthy clients. As a rule, such prostitutes are educated, speak well and know how to behave in high society.

Although they are usually more expensive than the standard escort, their list of suggestions for how to spend the night is more exclusive. They also offer additional services, e.g., they can accompany clients to important events.

An elite escort can offer you what you need if you are looking for more than just pleasant love entertainment.

How is an elite escort different from a standard one?

High-class escorts are very different from standard prostitutes, and this difference is not only in price. Let’s discuss what a client can expect when choosing one or another type of service in Mallorca:

  • Available data: in a standard escort, all data on the site focuses on the sexual act itself. If a girl provides elite services, you will find information about her as a person and learn about her sexual preferences. Photos will be of the best quality and taken by professionals (although this is not required).
  • Presentation and clothing: a traditional escort girl will appear on a date in ordinary clothes to avoid drawing too much attention to herself. Elite ladies will come in chic attire; at the time of booking, you can voice your preferences regarding style.
  • Experience: as soon as you find yourself in a secluded place, an ordinary prostitute will begin to achieve her main goal – to bring a client to orgasm at least once and do it as quickly as possible. Since a date with an elite lady usually lasts several hours, the girl will start with intercourse and foreplay and then proceed to sexual entertainment to give multiple orgasms.

In the bedroom, both high-class and traditional prostitutes can offer a range of services. Every girl has limits, and being elite doesn’t mean doing everything. So, if you have special requests, it is better to discuss them in advance.

If you are horny right now, you have many options for finding a lady for the night, including traditional escort agencies. Many ladies look stunning, so don’t deny yourself anything. But if you are looking for unique services that will give you the brightest orgasms, we recommend dating only elite prostitutes.