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What Is a Sex Doll?

A sex doll, also known as a love doll, refers to a life-size doll with human features that are made up of either silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). A sex doll is anatomically proportionate in most cases. One of the advantages of it is that its orifices are super-realistic. In case you are a woman, they also have hyper-realistic penises. Given the advancements in technology, sex doll producers can imitate real male and female bodies to a large extent.

Some sex dolls have a heating option. This way, the vagina, and body can heat up to imitate the normal heat of a human body. Other sex dolls have social features such as being able to move their eyes, blink them, or move their jaws, etc.

With this problem in mind, sex toy companies sought to improve the pleasure one would have while masturbating or using a sex toy.

Some are sex robots. These are artificial intelligence sex dolls. This way, you can enjoy from the most human experience possible. You can also engage in conversation with some of them. Some of them have sensors sensitive to touch in erotic zones that will make them moan or talk dirty words when you touch them.

Sex dolls are not only full-size sex dolls. They also come with just a head and a torso and hips, or simply hips and legs. The most optimal materials sex dolls are made up of are silicone and medical-grade TPE. These two materials are safe and can last a long time.

What’s the Differences Between TPE Sex Dolls and Silicone Sex Dolls

If you don't want to spend too much money on a sex doll, just as it is the case for sex doll newcomers, then you can be better off with TPE sex dolls than silicone sex dolls. This material is more flexible, and it can be easy to squeeze. This way, you can place it in the wildest positions possible. However, TPE sex dolls don't work well when it comes to the heating feature since the material can get easily affected by it. That being said, TPE sex dolls can vary in terms of feeling and texture. It is essential to buy sex dolls from authentic sex dolls companies such as us to ensure you get high-quality sex dolls for reasonable prices.

The most realistic experience that can be achieved with a silicone sex doll is with an integrated heating system. They can be more expensive than TPE ones and have less flexibility. Their vaginas and breasts can be soft, and usually, their faces are more beautiful as this material can be easily sculpted.

What Can a Sex Doll Do?

Yes, the information above dwells on the functions of a love doll. However, knowing the functionality is different from the hands-on and practical knowledge of what a love doll can do.

So, what are some of the uses of a love doll? Here are a few.

• Be your sexual partner – One of the most common uses of a sex doll, as the name would suggest, is for sexual pleasure. Sure, you can also go to the club and try to pick up someone, but between the time used, expenses, and awkward conversations, the person may not be that into you. A sex doll is a sexual partner whenever you want to have fun. Having a sure available partner that works around your schedule is perhaps one of the reasons love dolls have become so prevalent in today’s society.

• Offer you companionship – As formerly mentioned, there are sex dolls manufacturers that have started integrating sex dolls and artificial intelligence. In that way, other than having an active sex doll when you’re in the act, it can also offer your company. In Japan, there are hotels where people pay just to lay on someone’s lap, or to cuddle with another male. These hotels do not condone any sexual behavior. Nonetheless, these hotels are still top-rated. This goes to prove one thing; humans are interested in more than just sex; they also want companionship.

Not everyone is great at meeting new people or even enjoys others company. Luckily, with the AI features in sex dolls, you can enjoy the perks of companionship. The AI functionality allows you to create a persona for the dolls, and align it to what you would prefer.

• You get to explore your sexual fantasies and desires – Everyone has sexual fantasies and silicone love dolls are considered as the most life-like dolls to fulfill male fantasies. Whether you have a sexual partner or not, they might not always be willing to go along with your illusions. Fortunately, with a love doll, you can explore all your fantasies, and probably discover a new move or two. There are many types of products for you to choose, such as Asian sex dolls, like Japanese sex dolls or Chinese sex dolls, or African sex dolls. If you happen to have a sexual partner, you can practice your movements on the sex dolls, and once you practice them entirely, you can then use them with your partner.

Who Buys Sex Dolls?

If you asked this question a few years back, the answer might have been a unanimous, "creepy old guys.” Back then, this was the stereotype painted over people who owned love dolls.

Owning a sex doll back then was thought to be a shameful affair. In case you had one, you’d have to hide it at the back end of your closet. In some cases, love doll owners would even hide it from their loved ones.

However, a lot has changed. For one, love dolls have become more acceptable and accessible. Thus, asking the question of who would buy a sex doll today is as vague as asking who would drink coffee or enjoy an excellent movie.

In essence, anyone can buy a sex doll. There are even sexy male sex dolls created for females. From someone looking to learn more about intercourse, someone who wants to explore more, or even a couple looking to spruce things up in the bedroom. There’s no shame in buying a sexy love doll today.

What Is the History of Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls have existed throughout history. If you take a keen look, you’ll see them referenced at different times. However, most of these sex dolls were either rudimentary or a notion of what we have today.

In modern history, more specifically the 17th century, there are descriptions of love dolls made from leather and metal in Europe. Some of these include sailors who found sex dolls as amusing or scary. In other cases, they threw overboard owners of sex dolls.

Around the '60s, plastic inflatable sex dolls were the fad. Unfortunately, they were not as durable – or enjoyable, like those in the market today. Mostly, people would mail the inflatable sex dolls as a joke.

In the ’80s, the inflatable love dolls found their way to the then-budding sex shops. Unfortunately, due to the poor quality, they were not as popular or welcomed in society.

It wasn’t until the late ’90s when an artist made one of the most lifelike and realistic sex dolls. There was a buzz around the sex dolls, which helped further its fame at the time. Since then, sex dolls have evolved to the high quality and human-like variations there are today.

If you take into consideration the first accounts of love dolls from the ancient times to what is available today, you’ll notice a significant difference. However, what is there today would not be possible without the contributions of the different generations through time.

While it seems like today’s love dolls are near perfect, there’s always more the current and upcoming generations can do to better the love dolls. And who knows what the future holds?

How Are Sex Dolls Manufactured?

Using a sex doll is great, but do you know how it is made? Some users are genuinely curious about the production process of their sex dolls. While every sex toy company has its processes, some basic procedures of most brands cut across the board.

The procedure listed below is perhaps most widely used. As mentioned, however, some firms may have customized steps that may not be covered below.

1. The process starts by carefully mixing the different substances that go into making the doll. The manufactures create the solution and pour it onto the outline of a doll. The framework at this point includes the major body parts and accessories, such as the hands and legs.

2. A skeleton is then crafted for the sex doll. Most manufactures craft the skeleton by hand though some processes may be automated. The skeleton is majorly made from PVC and steel, and in some cases, the light metal may be used.

3. The perfect solution is ready and cooling from the framework, and so is the skeleton. The next step is to craft different parts of the doll. This process is also done by hand.

4. The doll is pretty much done at this point. The manufactures put on the finishing touches and then clean the sex doll.

5. What comes next is another integral step–inspection. The creators carefully inspect the doll to ensure everything is properly working. Afterward, the dolls go through another cleansing process.

6.The doll’s vaginas are then added, and after the manufactures ensure everything is within the optimum range, it is readied either for sale or transportation.

The process may sound easy, but to ensure you have the perfect sex doll, every procedure is meticulously carried out.

How Much Is a Sex Doll?

As with most things, there’s quite a price range for sex dolls.

The real price of sex dolls depends on your preferences and your budget. You can get a sex doll if you have anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars.

Here is a breakdown of what you can get and for how much.

1.For about $100 to $500, you can get a mini sex doll. Mini sex dolls are easy to store, and you can use them as you would a real-size sex doll. Most users, however, have cited the experience doesn't feel entirely authentic.

2.For about $800 to $1,000, you can get a generic life-sized sex doll with the basic pleasure organs – virginal, oral, and anal.

3.For about $1000 to $2000, you will get a life-sized and almost realistic doll. Most people who’ve spent around this much money have said they felt as though they were making love to an actual person.

4.For $2000 and above, you’ll get some of the high-end sex dolls. For the price, silicone sex dolls may take a larger proportion. These love dolls are often expensive than TPE doll because silicone love dolls are much easier to clean and maintenance than TPE dolls.


YL Dolls are a sex dolls brand that is well-respected and has many years in the market. Its love dolls are not only extremely beautiful, but also built to last.


WM Dolls is undoubtedly among the most popular real sex doll brands at present. If you are looking for a durable and flexible love doll, getting a WM doll is definitely the right choice.

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6Ye Dolls is also known as 6Ye premium sex dolls. This premium brand can be considered as one of the best TPE sex dolls available in the market today.

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