How to arrange a bright date with an escort

According to various surveys, between 16% and 39% of men use services; this percentage varies from country to country. The men who visit prostitutes belong to different racial, financial, and social groups, and their age varies. Let’s talk about why the sex industry is growing so fast.

Why do men hire hookers?

Representatives of different professions, from teachers to doctors and politicians, choose escort service Mallorca to relax. What drives these men?

  • Some people have an obsessive need for sex. Such guys or girls can never get enough and turn to prostitutes to get as much passion as possible.
  • Individuals have a fear of genuine relationships because they are afraid of intimacy. Often such men go to the same girl as a token of gratitude because she does not require anything emotional.
  • Misogyny – some experts believe that men who visit hookers often hate women, demand obedience, and humiliate them during sexual pleasures.

However, most often, hiring a prostitute is because a man feels lonely or just wants to have a good time in a fun company.

Note that the male demand for a beautiful female body contributes to the active development of the sex industry.

The most popular options for a date with an escort

Prostitutes get paid for going on various dates, some good and some just awful. To make a good impression on your sex play partner, you might want to have a romantic date first. We have collected some popular scenarios:

  • Dine in restaurants: choose a luxury hotel with excellent service and an impeccable menu. As a rule, escorts prefer to meet in safe places like a hotel.
  • Have fun with songs and dances: you can take the girl to the opera or ballet, perhaps to a jazz concert. If you do not like such cultural entertainment, try a couple of dance lessons.
  • Unity with nature: long walks make us happier and healthier. Grab your escort and go sunbathing. Choose a picturesque area with a view of the lake or mountains, rent kayaks for the whole day, and show your creativity.
  • Sports: find out what kind of sport the girl likes and buy tickets for the game. These activities guarantee a fun time. You can choose a major league match or a yard team competition.
  • Make her laugh: smiles and laughter are the keys to a good mood. Take the lady to stand up to win her over. Hosting a board game night is another sweet date option. Play a few rounds to get to know each other better.

Choosing the perfect date spot will result in you fucking passionately and for a long time. But you also need to be charming and behave like a gentleman. Always treat the escort with respect, just like any other person.